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Through one on one coaching a person can be on the go or in their work space. I meet clients on their time and at their location. This has many benefits. New Yorkers have a very fast paced life and coaching should be able to meet you at your pace. This experience gives you the ability to strive for success and still maintain your busy lifestyle.
Video Chat

For my clients further than Long Island, NY, I offer video conferencing. Using a variety of different video platforms, a person can still find a way to breakthrough to their dreams. This can also be done in groups.


Even if you’re a person on the go, phone sessions are available. I do ask my clients who prefer phone sessions to schedule time to be in one place. Coaching should be done with your full attention. No driving while breaking through to your brighter future. In addition, I offer all my clients a no-charge 15-minute phone call between sessions.  


One of my favorites, the beach sessions are at whatever beach is best for the client. The sand between your toes and the sound of the waves puts the best of us at ease. Having the relaxation at the beach and coaching has a lot of my clients feeling relaxed and focused on what they want to conquer.


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (516) 732-6139